Monday, August 08, 2011

Now With A Side Of Pass The Pregnant Lady

My midwives, quite sensibly, want me to go see my PCP for asthma management.

This would be a better idea if I had seen my actual PCP in the past year.  Instead, I get whatever doctor has a slot that day- if I'm really lucky, a resident!  How is this better than the midwives? 

Anyhow.  We get to go back for Round 3 tomorrow, I think.  ("What are they going to do?" asked my mom.  "You're the medical professional; how should I know?" I said.) 

Can't.  Breathe.  Waaaah.*

*Don't worry, I can breathe well enough that my O2 sats are probably around 95%, I just feel like I can't breathe.  I can tell the difference, promise.  Besides, if I go to urgent care, they're going to give me albuterol and send me home.  I have albuterol here.


  1. i'd imagine its superiority lies principally in the zone of CYA.

    i hate not being able to breathe. it's amazing how it doesn't do much for my ability to sleep, move, or think, either.

  2. I wonder. They're actually part of the same HMO; it might just be 'policy'.

    In any event, I could have had the entire conversation without the sweet-young-thing resident's presence (she also suggested they wanted to rule out dilated cardiomyopathy! ZEBRAS!). Bleh. I mean, there are only three therapeutic options remaining and I won't do the third.


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