Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Oh, Bugger

Last night: searingly painful, wake you up three times in the middle of the night headache.

First sign of weird-double-vision-thing: searingly painful, wake-you-up headaches.

Next stop, neurology.  My favorite part of this is that it's so rare that I get to tell the doctors all about it.  Except the wonderful neuro-opthalmologist, who is no longer covered by my insurance: he already knew.  My second favorite part is that neurology alone cannot diagnose it- though I suppose they can tell me "I think you might have MS!" again-  so why the heck am I going to see them anyways? 

My third favorite part is the nervous/crazed look in my midwife's eye today, which read as, "If you develop this, I am handing you off to a high-risk OB faster than you can say BOO."


  1. hey there, zebra. hoping this one's just a horsey hormone migraine....

    meanwhile, maybe dr. brainy-eyes will give current docs a phone consult?

  2. I'm sorry to hear about that. I assume your BP is normal right? (Sorry, but having had preeclampsia any mention of bad headache in preggos makes me jump up and take notice)

  3. Neigh, neigh. Who the fuck knows. I did find three (!) doctors at my new neuro clinic who list Weird Double Vision Thing as a specialty! Bionic: good idea, I'll have them call him.

    Mad Science: Normal everything, my bp is 100/55, no pre-eclampsia, promise. Don't worry... that's the first thing everyone thinks of.

  4. Ouch. Hoping, like Bionic, that it's nothing serious.

  5. Order a copy of your records from the neuroopthalmologist you've seen previously -- you can have them either released directly to yourself or to the new neuro clinic. You want the new clinic to have them, preferably before your appointment. And definitely, ask the new docs to do a phone consult if possible.


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