Monday, August 22, 2011

Make Lemonade

I strongly suspect that weird-double-vision thing is coming back.  The constant scintillating scotomata and the never-ending headache might be a clue!

The sole advantage is that instead of being afraid, I'm now just frigging ticked off.

Neurology will not even take a message because - wait for it- I'm not a patient!  No, I am waiting for a referral. I have been waiting for two weeks while they incompetently failed to get my old medical records (I had to call various persons five times to effect this simple operation) and then, as far as I can tell, incompetently failed to read them.  Now, apparently, they are waiting for my midwife to call them back.  Why?  Who knows.  They are part of the same healthcare system and have the same damn EMR and she wrote it all down.

All I want is for someone to first pay attention, and then do something about it.  This isn't a chronic condition; this is something that is getting worse and worse, and is caused by pregnancy.  I am going to call the midwives over and over until someone does something.  Soon.  Now.

Addendum: I just talked to the midwives' triage nurse and they were all like OH SHIT, that is not good, we'll talk to neuro and call you back TODAY.  


  1. Karolina1:50 AM

    Good thing you continued to call back! Take care and please let us know what they say and that you're OK. /Karolina, a long-time reader but not so often commenting.

  2. but if they put it off long enough, you won't be pregnant anymore. problem SOLVED. (sort of. how do you feel about foggy days?)


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