Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Shall Cease And Desist

In brief: I was the youngest person at the ophthalmologist by a good 30 years, and I probably have the best vision of anyone they've seen all month.  Nothing is wrong enough to notice.*  Good: I'm not going blind this week.  Bad: I still have an ice-pick headache that wakes me up several times a night. 

My options now are A) wait and see; B) get a spinal tap.  I think we'll go with Option A.  I'm not that curious. 

Official diagnosis: You Have A Headache.

Now we will move on to more interesting topics, like... suggestions?

*My distance vision is a little blurry in one eye at very far distances, but it's still 20/15, so... um... they totally think I'm making it up.


  1. hmph. glad you're "okay," but it champs my hide when loss of function/whatever is measured against some imaginary "normal" value, rather than taking into account what is normal for the patient. (says the woman whose hematocrit is usually in the "are you sure you're a menstruating female?" range and might therefore feel pretty damn crappy at an only low-ish level, thanks very.)

    on the other hand, who wants a spinal tap? not i.

    also: did official diagnosis come with any, i dunno, treatment?

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I had awful migraines while pregnant (and never anytime else). Increasing the amount of protein I ate and having more frequent and smaller meals helped.

  3. The worst is not feeling well and not getting a diagnosis. The best is getting completely better. I wish that for you.

  4. Bionic: Probably not! Ten weeks of headache! Narcotics were mentioned as a possibility. I may agitate for this.

    Anon: alas, they're not migraines; I've had those.

    But I am sure that not being pregnant will solve many problems here.

  5. Karolina2:23 AM

    Glad to hear that everything checked out OK. But it would of course have been nice if something treatable had also turned up. Pregnancy, toddler and those headaches you describe is not an easy mix to handle!

  6. ten weeks of headache!? not okay, in my book. just say yes to narcotics, i say, but then you knew i would say that.

  7. Fear not; I now have a bottle of narcotics. And I know how to use them. Besides: it was that or drink heavily.

  8. Wow, thanks for adding me as a link on your page! That's a first for me:) I wish I had some advice re the headaches. I think I'd make the same decision you did. Hang in there...

  9. Ouch. Ten weeks of headaches sound terrible, especially if they're so bad they wake you up at night. I've gotten similarly useful advice ("take more painkillers") on a condition none of my doctors was able to diagnose properly -- and yes, I am sure something is wrong, I've known my body for many years now, thanksverymuch. Sigh. Hope you'll get better.


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