Friday, August 19, 2011

Now With More Aargh

Maybe it's the weather: something to which I am violently allergic is blooming, so the outdoors is torture. 

Maybe it's the two-week-long headache and generalized sense of OOOOT.  Constant pain rarely improves one's mood. 

Maybe it's the cranky, sick toddler and the constant screaming. 

Maybe it's hormonal?  I feel full of wrath, intolerance, and a general sense of discontent.  It is sunny and pleasant out-of-doors, I have chocolate cake, and I just want to crawl into a closet and weep.


  1. Or "E, All of the above." I felt much the same way, and once the new baby arrived (eliminating the pain and the hormonal), it got much better.

  2. it's no good habing nice weather if you have allergies -- that "habe" is a typo, but stet -- so that explains why the weather isn't working. the toddler explains the intolerance and wrath, and the headache the general discontent.

    the inability to properly metabolize chocolate cake, however, i lay squarely at the feet of your hormones. that's serious.


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