Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dr. S recently spent the weekend away, at a friend's wedding.  (I told him to go, so I don't really get to complain - much -  about the utter misery of a rainy weekend, an angry toddler, and a truly epic headache.)  It was all lovely except for the following:

When he got to the city in question, the hotel clerk said, "Um... yeah.  so we have your reservation here.  For tonight.  But we... don't have any rooms."

"You can see how I would think that's your problem," Dr. S said.

(They found him a room at a very fancy hotel and charged $ rather than $$$.  All was well.)


  1. Nice... but glad it worked out.
    We ran into something similar in a small city in the south of Spain on a high holiday (with lots of tourists): the entire place was closed for renovations. They didn't even know about our reservation. Luckily though they did find us a room, so we didn't have to sleep in the car in the just-above-freezing night temperatures...

  2. A similar thing happened to me in Auvergne once but it was February or something and there was nobody there. I forget what we did, but yes, no sleeping outside (there was snow on the ground).


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