Saturday, June 04, 2011


I have decided: I will stop feeling guilty about having Dr. S watch Bug so I can sew. I rarely sew anything just for fun: I make Bug clothes because he needs them, I mend pants, I make myself maternity clothes so we don't have to spend money.

This is my contribution to the household economy. This is part of the work that I am doing so that we can afford to live the way we do (nice house, one parent at home, healthy food, car that runs, !@#$ expensive dentistry). I make dinner, I economize mightily, I sew.

To wit: I have made the following in the last 2.5 months:

Wedding present for lovely SIL

Birthday present for one of Bug's tot friends

Maternity skirts, made from other skirts

Maternity shorts, courtesy of the local thrift store + some fabric

A frickin' lot of diapers. I still have 7 more to sew.

Plus three pairs of toddler shorts, two pairs of toddler pants, two aprons, and a complicated harness (these last three items on commission, in exchange for babysitting). No wonder I'm tired of sewing.


  1. Oh, this takes me back to grad school days, when I had to sew presents out of old sheets in order to have presents at all. Very Maria von Trapp! You do very nice work. It's unfortunate, though, that you get to be tired of it AND feel guilty. If you can dispense with the latter, by all means! About the diapers: are they padded in any way, or just rectangles of fabric?

  2. I'm impressed! What a great skill to have.

  3. Bunny: yes, the consequence of quitting my job is: now with more POVERTY. Ah, well. The diapers on top are flat-fold (just a big square of flannel) and the ones on bottom are padded in the middle, mainly with manky old towels. We recycle.

  4. we sew (or otherwise make) most if not quite all of our presents, too. it always feels creative and thoughtful and virtuous right up until it's christmas and people are giving us digital picture frames. (to name just one not-cheap present we didn't particularly want but that made us feel guilty anyway.) i hate that we feel guilty for giving gifts that required more time and work and thought on our parts than the random mall-crap otherwise exchanged. bah. /comment-jacking bitchery

    the kitchen set is really lovely, by the way.

  5. I'm seriously impressed. My sewing talents just about extend to a button (where a safety pin won't do).


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