Thursday, June 02, 2011

Crankiness of Trouserage

Our household is suffering from an excess of cranky, cranky pants.

Dr. S is cranky because his boss is a manipulative, petty tyrant; because he is going to a meeting he does not want to attend ("Why did you agree to go?" I asked); because the academic job market sucks and is depressing; and because someone keeps scheduling consecutive 36-hour runs on the MS. Which is a jerk thing to do.

Bug is cranky because he is two. Every time I tell him no, he makes a noise like a fire siren. Yesterday he drove his toy bus into the street, and then screamed his head off when I removed him. Sometimes he is cranky because the sun is shining.

I am cranky because I fucking hate being pregnant. No matter how grateful one is for the child, please don't try to tell me (MOTHER-IN-LAW) that it's then required to love being nauseous, hypoglycemic, exhausted, hormonal, and sleepless. And in constant pain. Also I am cranky because I am about to have a week all alone with my surly toddler. If I had any money, I'd go visit someone. But I don't, so I'm screwed. And, did I mention, CRANKY?


  1. hahaha. I just had my 2nd. He's 11 weeks old now. And when he was maybe 4 days old (and I hadn't slept for more than one hour in a row since I went into labor), my mom told me that I wasn't allowed to complain about being tired. She said something like "you signed up for this." If you could slap someone through the phone, I would have.

    I would not do well with a week alone with my 3 year old even if not pregnant. There would be more movie watching than is evidence-based, that's for sure.

  2. Being pregnant is hard. It's even more difficult when you have a toddler. I hope that you're feeling better and the week flies by.

  3. His last 2 teeth finally broke through the gums! I foresee a better week.

  4. Ecograd1:36 AM

    Ha. My older brother was the "difficult one" of all us siblings, who tormented me when I was growing up, as well as our siblings, and even his first girlfriend, from what the family gathers. He later got religion and straightened out, and has actually led an exemplary life since then. Anyway, he was exactly two years older then me, and from what I hear a real terror as a little kid, and a real stress on my poor Mom, who was isolated in the suburbs as a new, and probably depressed immigrant. I'm sure it affected me in some way that she was probably at the lowest and most stressed out and depressed point of her childbearing years while she was pregnant with me!


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