Thursday, April 30, 2009


Email from the grad school:Send your revised thesis back to the readers so they can evaluate it again. You know what would have been nice? Being informed of any of this stuff in ADVANCE. Having guidelines. Or revising the correct version of my thesis.

This is part of why I left lab science- or at least academia- for the world of industry. At least in industry, people mostly tell me what I need to do, how, and under what conditions. Nobody tries to belittle my intelligence or get revenge on my work out of jealousy or ambition. And I'm not expected to work 70 hours a week or else I must not be committed.

For sure there are places in industry that are like that. I don't work at one.

I'm beginning to be frustrated at my inability to get anything done: even dishes are a challenge (though I can manage 'turn on dishwasher'). Of course, the fact that I'm holding a baby 20 hours a day has something to do with it, as does the fact that I get about 90 minutes a day where I can use both hands- mainly in 10-minute intervals. I can't tell if the anxiety and overwhelmed feelings are incipient PPD, or grad-school-made-me-miserable flashbacks. Or both, plus sleep deprivation.