Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Which I Am Furious, But Then (Somewhat) Pleasantly Surprised

We have the good fortune to be within the delivery radius of a diaper service. It being economical and (more or less) environmentally friendly, we use it.

I went out yesterday afternoon to pick up our diapers, which they leave outside our building's door. Dirty diapers gone, one lonely deodorizer disk, no clean diapers.

After stamping about my apartment swearing in incoherent rage, I checked everywhere (dumpsters, other buildings), and then called the diaper service. Yes, they delivered them, really. Yes, to the normal place.

So I left a note on the door that if I found the jerk who stole my baby's diapers, I would prosecute their sorry ass. And if anyone saw the jerk who stole them, please tell me. And then I called the cops and made a police report. And then I swore some more.

This morning, outside our door... our bag of diapers, with my nasty note on top.