Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Toddlers Think

Let met try yelling.  It didn't work the last 2,056 times, but maybe 2,057 will do it!

Oooh, let's move on to hitting!

Why am I in a confined area?  SOME PEOPLE.

Let's yell some more.

Hey, I've got a good one!  Opposites.  I want it!  I don't want it!  No, I want it!  Give it here!  No, no teddy.  I don't want it.  HA HA HA!

Why do I not have a teddy any more?

Let's pee.  Wheee!  No impulse control!  Pee everywhere!

Man, I hate cleaning.  Mommies suck.



  1. Yes, I want this. NOT!

  2. Did you come to my house yesterday? Seriously, I need to hide my hide-a-key better...

    1. And the rain all day! That really helped too! AAAAA.

    2. Luckily, I could run mine in the church nursery all morning. I taught Sunday school today, so we were there from 9:00 to 11:30 am. The children were out of their minds by 3:00 anyway, so we made an after-dinner run to Barnes and Noble to play with Legos and trains. Cause it's always more fun than playinG with the Legos and trains at home.
      But man, I don't know what happened last week. Shreiking, hitting, littler one wanting then not wanting food, bigger one peeing on his bedroom floor... You hit the nail on the head with this one.

  3. We have an expression that captures the way Bun Bun reacts to most foods: FAVORITE! HATES IT! So good to know toddlers are like this too...


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