Saturday, December 15, 2018

Life Renovations

Thing I did this year (or continued doing) that greatly improved my life:

  1. Continued to mostly) not read Books By Dudes.
  2. Read a lot of books.
  3. Offloaded a significant amount of child wrangling to the spouse.
  4. Did a bunch of reorganizing and culling.
  5. Bought a robot vacuum.
  6. Went to a loooooot of physical therapy.
  7. Disengaged from everyone I know who a) has severe anxiety/mental illness and b) refuses to seek any treatment.
  8. Started a huge Science Project at work, which makes me happy/ is useful/ makes me like my job way more.
  9. Took the kids to the beach just because they wanted to go.
  10. Stopped drinking alcohol almost at all (health stuff; I'm not HAPPY about it but it's better for me).
  11. Quit F@cebook and stuck with it.
  12. Stopped grocery budgeting.
  13. Bought one pair of really comfy shoes.
  14. Made the kids take over some cleaning chores.
  15. Taught Hebrew School.
  16. Put more effort into eating in a way that helps my body feel better.

What made your year more awesome?


  1. I also did a ton of culling/reorganizing, and studied interior decorating theory so my house looks how I want it.

    I rearranged the kids' rooms because they asked, and they let go of a ton of stuff they no longer cared about.

    I joined a gym two weeks ago and I'm already making friends with the older ladies in my exercise class.

    I'm buying art when I see something I love. (Often it's at St. Vinnys, cheap Bob Ross style paintings remind me of my great-grandmother.)

    I had a CSA this summer, so when my garden produced almost nothing because of the incessant rain, I didn't mind.

    My next project is my unfinished laundry room, which is also where I pile crap that doesn't have a home. This might be the most challenging project yet!

  2. Socal dendrite12:57 PM

    Consistently getting up at 6 am so I go for a 30 min walk before the children get up. It's been good for my mental and physical health, and I'm noticeable less crabby with the kids (and their incessant demands) in the morning. I'm looking forward to lighter mornings though - it's been tough sticking with it lately :-/

    Being more selective in the freelance work I take on/ getting some steadier and better-paying work gigs (that allow me to feel I can say no to shittier stuff). I'm working up to raising my rates some time this year...

  3. I've read A TON this year (which may or may not be good considering it helped me sleep but sometimes also lost me sleep).

    I took up sewing again and made things that were useful which warmed my heart.

    I changed my diet drastically this year and it's made SUCH a difference in reducing my overall pain levels I'm shocked. It hasn't solved all the problems, I still suffer from variable insomnia, there's still pain, there's so much fatigue, but it's a lot better than this time last year when I had no hope.


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