Thursday, December 27, 2018

House Renovations

Dear Readers, the spouse has taken the children off for a week (a week!) with his terrible family.*  My dad came over for a few days, we made a lot of curry (the traditional Christmas food of my people), and we:
  • Replaced the kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet
  • Replaced all three showerheads
  • Swapped out a bunch of outlets** and switches
  • Painted the bathroom ceiling
  • Fixed the leaky roof
  • Put a new glass panel in the storm door, as it exploded one day
  • Hung a curtain rod
  • Patched three holes
  • Painted Sweetpea's room, which suffered from grubby flat paint
  • Polyurethaned two sets of shelves and a set of wooden crates
I also went to a Christmas eve party, went to a knitting party, did the grocery shopping, and cleaned the house.

I have two days to do all the touch ups, re-polyurethane the shelves, and assemble them.  I can do this, right?  Right.

* I have suggested he NOT GO next year
** Only one of which is now completely broken; I think if I get a different/right one it'll fix it


  1. Hooray for being productive while the kids are away! Patrick took the week off and has been cleaning, cooking, andand child-wrangling while I work on the laundry room. I also went on two half-day friend outings! We're leaving tomorrow for his horrible family, but at least were not staying a whole week. It will be good to see his grandmother.

    1. Friend outings! Sounds delightful. Good luck with the horrible family etc.


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