Monday, June 05, 2017

Very Brief Update

I have nothing interesting to tell you about so here:

Health: still iffy but somewhat less so following some minor surgery and lots more drugs
Job: doesn't exist in the summer, but my last paycheck deposited last week.  I like money.
Children: all home for two weeks until camp starts and they are going to SO MUCH CAMP
Plant habit: still going strong (a bay-leaf shrub, a particular rugosa rose, a penstemon and... something... are the latest acquisitions). I've also started propagating stuff from cuttings, so there's a wee nursery going by the side of the house.  It's quite satisfying.  Some of them, I've forgotten what they are, so it's also an exciting mystery...
Spouse: is in exceedingly poor humor lately despite getting a paper published and being awarded not one but two grants, which come with a virtual guarantee of tenure.  I don't even know.
Travel: I am taking the children to the Land Of Cheese And Sausage in three weeks, to visit mostly N. and maybe see a few other mom-friends (the ones I do actually like, though not enough to go 900 miles only to see them). 
Children: did I mention they're ALL home?  Three kids is still a lot of kids. 


  1. Let's hear it for slightly less iffy health! What more can you ask!

    I went away right after putting my garden in (you know, the post frost plants) and slugs ate everything. No worries about too many green beans this year, I reckon!

    All the kids: Can you make the older two do chores at least? I'm teaching mine to weed...

    1. I conned them into thinking Vacuum And Wipe Down The Van was an exciting family activity last week. Right now we're doing Cleaning And Furniture Moving! But 5 year olds seem to come with a side of constant whining. Hey though! Camp starts MONDAY!

      (What more can I ask, indeed.)


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