Sunday, July 10, 2016

Where's Waldo? (Contains: Whining)

Sick.  Since... June 13.  Two rounds of steroids, three kinds of antihistamines at once, and ten days of antibiotics.  It hurts to eat.  Tonight I had scrambled eggs and gluey rice pasta for dinner.  

Anyhow.  It will get better again some day.  Today is not it. 


  1. Boooo.I hope your body starts being a little nicer to you. I made "protein truffles" for camping that made me think of you. I mixed up a huge batch in 5 minutes and had days worth of calories. Mine were peanut butter and whey protein covered in chocolate, but I imagine you could do the same thing with something that wouldn't kill you. Perhaps sunflower butter and ... my knowledge of protein powders is limited.

    Being sick is even worse in the summer.

  2. I'm sorry, lady. I think of you every time I have some mild bout of sickness--so unfathomable to suffer on and on and on and on and on....


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