Thursday, July 16, 2015

And now for something completely different.

This week the lovely Nicole visited all the way from the far-off northern wilds of Cold City. It was a timely reminder that even if your family is nuts, at least you can still have the family you choose as part of your life.  We picked blueberries!  (We nearly drove by it but fortunately the proprietor waved as we were deciding if those bushes off in the distance were berry bushes.  It's kind of up a road in the middle of nowhere.) We wandered around town and drank coffee and went to the local gardens/park and mocked the Famous Dead Person Effigy in town and saw a surprisingly good zydeco concert at the library.  We made tamales and tested all the Wedding Recipes and I got pruning advice for my friend C's drastically overgrown fruit trees.  We harvested onions (and got bitten by ants!) and cooed at the baby a lot.  It was great.

Now to make the Wedding Recipes and survive the Family Wedding Experience....

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  1. I had a wonderful time! I also enjoyed Bug's monologues, Tatoe's mispronounciations, and Baby's colossus adorableness. Also, quiet time where I got to nap every afternoon. When the children are a bit older and I drag my family along, we can send the husbands off to the hiking trail and the children into the creek, and tend to your many fruit plants together!


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