Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Response to My Spouse,

who woke me up at 3:11 AM to ask "Do you hear the baby?"

How kind of you to ask!  In case you were wondering, that is homicidal rage on my face.  Also there is furious weeping.  YES.  Yes, I have already gotten up three times with the baby- who didn't stop nursing until 10:15 and yes, I did try to unhook her - and NO I do NOT want you to wake me up right after I FINALLY manage to sleep through the screaming.

(Fortunately he did not wake me up again at 8 when leaving for work, which saves me the trouble of filing for divorce.)

(This is why I didn't want another baby.  While excellent and adorable in her baby way, Sweetpea does not grasp such important concepts as bedtime and I do very poorly on a year-and-counting of very little sleep.)


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    OH SPOUSE. Totally unacceptable. I have mostly come to terms with having another baby, but yes, the sleep part is the part I dread most. (I mean, the sleep part combined with waking up to toddlers.) Bun Bun released an insane flood of urine last night soaking everything on the planet, so I was up at 4. My spouse had the grace to not complain about being tired.

    1. Oh, toddlers. My six year old still wets the bed about twice a month so not often enough to make him wear pull ups, just often enough to be reeeeeallly annoying. And the never sleeping in because of toddlers? It sucks. But at least Sweetpea is super cute and I borrowed one of those Merlin suits from a pal and she slept all night and I think my equilibrium is okay for TODAY now.

    2. Yes, the suits! They saved us! I will be glad when I no longer have anybody in the house who requires me to wake up before 9:00 on a Saturday. I'm hoping that Kid the First's independence will lead her to get breakfast for her and Kid the Second and entertain them both at least long enough for me to wake up to the sun one day in the week.

  2. H has woken me up telling me I "should take care of the [screaming] baby". Sigh. Then again, he has also woken me up to ask if I felt the earthquake (no, and now it's over, so why exactly did you wake me up?).
    But I'm glad she is cute - baby smiles are wonderful even to tired and/or annoyed parents :)

  3. This is really what cinched the deal for us on no more babies, as well. We weren't really planning on a third kid, but might have been open to it, but my husband was brave enough to come out and say he didn't think he could be a good parent to a third kid because of how thoroughly exhausted he would be. Of course, he'd pull through, but I think he's kind of right, also. It's nice to know for sure, so that any stray thoughts about babies can be let go of, that there's no lingering wonder of "does this mean we want a third? is he/she thinking about more kids?"


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