Monday, June 22, 2015

FMB: While The Children Mostly Sleep

Extremely Randomly Assorted Thoughts:

  • DEER.  Death to the little f!@%ers.  They keep eating my plants.  My plants are now enclosed in wire cages all across my yard.  I live in the city limits (barely) and cannot shoot them.  Despite being a pacifist, I would make an exception for these deer (besides, I eat meat).
  • Sweetpea is going through A Phase.  A sleeping-on-boob phase.  She does not want to nap, or fall asleep at night, or do anything but be on or near boobs.  This is extremely frustrating and I am very tired.
  • Tatoe is kind of learning to go in the f!@%ing potty.  We tied his rewards to the light fixture and told him he had to do his business in the potty to earn N stickers to get THIS THING RIGHT HERE.  Also there is enforced post-meal potty time.  It's... better?
  • Speaking of better my mastitis thing seems to be mainly gone, though it still hurts.  I continue to give Sweetpea a bottle every day, on the grounds of why mess with success.  She likes it.  She's also eating a little people food (I didn't exclusively nurse her six months!  OH NO! Whatever.  Note Norway's numbers; as Alice points out, most places give a little food before six months.  Screw you, AAP and your dumb recommendations).
  • Instead of mastitis I now have a round of this, which comes with a my-ear's-exploding headache for the last three weeks.
  • My middle sister's wedding continues to increase in intolerability.  My youngest sister's childish avoidance of pretty much everything continues to make me both sad and irritated. (She needs a new nickname.) I am still annoyed that I have to go to TWO of my middle sister's awful weddings and she had to go to ZERO of mine.  And possibly Sister 3 will not be there?  I can only hope.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    DEER. My spouse didn't believe we had them until a large antlered buck showed up in the yard one day. I've checked and while we are now allowed to have chickens in my city, we still aren't allowed to have mountain lions.

    It's good to know that you are suffering plenty of kinds of pain, in your ear and in your sense of what is RIGHT. That's all that really matters.

  2. I suggest imPrudence for sister #3. Sister #2 needs a name too... I can't come up with anything appropriate.

    1. Hah! Imprudence and Improving! (It's mostly the rest of the relatives, and my mother's relationships with them, causing this to be a grade a WOE fest. Sister 2 is slowly turning into a human being again )

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I thought AAP's current recommendations were back to 4 mo. Did they change again?


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