Thursday, May 07, 2015


Actually, my favorite milk blister has been coming back every week.  Usually on a Friday.  I posit this is because what with one thing (baby nursing all night; baby waking up for the day at 5:30 AM) and another (small children waking me up at 6:15; all of the above) I am always completely exhausted by Friday. Saturday, I usually inveigle my surly spouse into taking the children somewhere else so I can nap for a WHOLE!  HOUR!  and then he complains for the rest of the weekend that he's so tired.

Readers, I am not sympathetic.

I suppose I could go back to lecithin-taking; however, since I got a milk blister three times while taking lecithin, I think that advice is crap.  I have tried applying every possible thing.  It still feels like hot knives pretty much all day long.

(Why do I keep doing this?  Many answers, starting with WHO KNOWS and ending with, "But it keeps getting better!  In between getting worse!)

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