Friday, May 01, 2015

FMB: Familial Snark

My middle sister is trying to start a company aimed at getting school-age girls to love science.  Leaving aside the advisability of this as a solution for gender discrimination - what, you're going to instill a love of discovery and science in them, so that when they get to higher education, they can be extra disgusted at gender bias and outright stupidity? - I mean, good luck, whatever.  Sure, why not!

However, the Evil Book of Faces brings me regular posts by people she's pitching to, which invariably reference how she's 'overcome so much adversity' (and has a PhD and is so smart, which I'm fine with).  Let's review that adversity: married a jerk at age 19; moved abroad; picked a grad lab full of sexist jerks; changed labs; realized spouse was a controlling, borderline abusive, alcoholic jerk; got divorced; did a postdoc; realized postdoc advisor was a sexually harassing jerk; found another job.

In my world, if your own serially poor choices lead you to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF the difficult situations you are 'overcoming', I don't call it adversity.  I call it taking responsibility and time to grow up and, most especially, adulthood.


  1. Didn't you know that it wasn't her own bad choices that led to bad situations, but that the whole world is against her? Therefore, the world OWES her love, happiness, money, and success. She Deserves it, preferably with zero work.

    It sucks to be related to a narcissistic personality.

    1. To be fair, this is what *other* people are saying, not her. I don't know how much personal responsibility she takes for it and she does work hard. I'm not sure she's so narcissistic, I just have NO tolerance left for shenanigans/ drama relating to her being in Israel. None.


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