Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daily Write It Out: Running on Empty

One of my huge sources of frustration with.... everything... is the current complete lack of time/opportunity to do all the things that make me feel like a functional human.  I need to get exercise.  I need an hour at the end of the day, with no children in it.  I need to get outside and garden. I need time and energy to clean up the house sometimes because my spouse is afflicted with can't-put-it-away-itis.  I need to have time and energy to give to my older children, who otherwise are super extra horrible.  I need to spend less time  nursing the baby.

With all this and the lack of sleep, I feel like the tank has run dry.  Dr. S does what he can, but he can't feed the baby (yet, though she  will drink a little from a bottle now) and the to-do list is endless.

Of course Dr. S might also benefit from doing something that's not dishes, mowing, or child-wrangling.  I'm thinking we need a weekly family outing to the local brewery or something (they don't have a restaurant license so we bring cheese sandwiches and pickles for the boys, and once, a gloriously delicious kosher  sausage with homemade sauerkraut).  And I need to work out some kind of summer schedule for the boys.  Mondays at Local Gardens!  Tuesdays at the park!  Rainy days at the... hmm, don't know. And I need to find some kind of kid swap, though this is pretty hard with three and one a baby.  And I need to go to the gym.  And before any of this Sweetpea needs to drink more than two ounces of bottle at a time....

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  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Blah. Some of this is universal to parents of young children, and I guess the only cure is that they will get older. But some of it is special to your circumstances, so I guess the only hope is that those things will get better, that you will successfully get that baby to drink her goat formula, for one thing. (Sounds encouraging, so far). And I know the spouse does a lot, and how stretched thin he must feel too, and there's that whole thing about loving the person you're married to not the person you wish he were...but could you tell him you NEED him to put shit away a bit more? I think it's a legitimate need to express. Maybe there are small things he needs, too, that would not kill you.


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