Monday, July 28, 2014


Here is a randomly assorted collection of thoughts:

Pregnancy is easier to handle without severe chronic pain and I don't care how grateful anyone is to be pregnant, nobody is grateful for feeling like roadkill all the time.

Tatoe is going through an intensely whiny/awful phase right now - yesterday he whined for six hours!  I was counting! - and I am also not grateful for that.

I am now the Professor's Wife Who Adjuncts.  However, it is Dr. Scientist, little students, so help me.  (One advantage of teaching at Pseudo-Military U: they will all be very respectful.)

We are refinishing the floors in our new house, after which we will Move!  In!  I have packed NOTHING!  Eeeek. (I am not refinishing floors.  I take a fairly liberal attitude, but two gallons of mineral spirits is too much volatile solvents for a fetus, and I don't have a respirator.)

However, when people ask if they can help us move/ pack/ watch kids, I have now taken to saying "Yes!  Thank you.  How about next Tuesday?"

Pregnancy, strength, endurance, tiredness... my limits are smaller than otherwise, is what I'm saying.  And I was just getting back to something approaching good health.

Related: I may smack the next person who gets worried about me lifting heavy things while pregnant because it might hurt the baby.  I am 18 weeks pregnant.  I don't want to move a house of boxes because then I will be exhausted, not because I'll hurt the baby.  I have not broken my arms.  I am pregnant, not disabled.  (Climbing tall ladders is a different proposition.  No ladders.)

SCHOOL starts in FIVE WEEKS!  I can't WAIT to get rid of both my precious children to fine educational institutions.


  1. Hooray for school! Which reminds me, I really should go school shopping soon. If I wait until the week before school, Target's shelves will be bare.

    I'm glad you're taking people up on their offers for help. People love to help, it makes them feel good. Especially friendly southerners who live in small towns.

    It does get irritating when people comment on a pregnant woman moving stuff. You're not a china doll, just pregnant. And probably more tired than normal. And in your case, in constant pain... Hmm, maybe you should put down those moving boxes and let Mr. Dr. Scientist pack up the house. Unfortunately, I recall that his organizational and logistics planning skills are poor. Your parents can take the kids while you pack, right?

    Good luck on the MOVING IN! To a HOUSE! That is not infested with termites, or covered in lead paint, or needing major kitchen renovations!

    1. Many cheers for school. I still need to find another babysitter for Tatoe- while I work and all. Narrowly averted murdering my spouse over His Childcare Responsibilities Are Nonzero, will tell you all about it later. :)

      I should have been clearer: it's easier to be pregnant now that I'm NOT in constant pain, just mild discomfort. :)

      Dr. S. already packed up five things I needed. Including the STROLLER. I can let him pack as long as I'm willing to live without stuff for weeks.... bah. My family will help though.

      Friendly southerners are great. Friendly northerners were awesome too though!

      (No termites! Only some floor sanding! I think this one was the right choice.)

  2. Everything is better without chronic pain. I'm glad you are feeling better, and I do hope the boxes don't undo all of that. Good luck - and take all the help you can get!

  3. YAY for SCHOOL!!!!!! Looks like we both get to make our "escape" at the same time! We should go for a virtual beer/glass of wine/scotch on the rocks!


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