Saturday, April 20, 2013

Diagnostic (In Which I Complain, Yet Again, About My Lack of Health)

I keep discovering, generally the hard way, that there are yet more things that make me feel extremely ill. (Recently: tapioca starch - which shares an antigen with latex! to which I am, naturally, allergic - and carob - thanks, peanuts.)

As a scientist, it was hammered into me that biological phenomena are not publishable without a mechanism. Or at least a diagram with blobs and a suggested mechanism.  I really want to know what's causing this: did the antibiotics do something unfortunate to my innards?  Did being sick all winter and having two chronic infections make my T cells go nuts?  Is something else wrong?

Of course, it being medicine and not biology, there's no reason to suppose that knowing why would give me any more information on what to do.  I should continue to eat only things that don't make me sick, and take lots of antihistamines.  (I had no idea you could take two at once!  However, you probably shouldn't do this your own self without asking a medical professional.  Mine said to take lots and lots of antihistamines.)

All the same, not knowing WHY drives me a little crazy.  Dr. S would say that it's a short trip.


  1. Do you really think Dr. S would say it's a short trip? Perhaps you can see him thinking it...

    Yay for antihistamines! One can only hope that once your stress levels go down, you might be able to eat a few more foods again.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    It is extremely mysterious, I agree, and totally deserves a diagram with BLOBS.

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Would other types of allergy meds help? Corticosteroids? Leukotriene blockers?

    I'd say keep shopping around for a good MD/diagnostician. (Even if it's after the move).

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm already taking all of those. Seriously, four kinds of allergy meds. Some of them prescription. I don't know.... more steroids? I think it might be time to try it!

    2. Oh, I should add that we are moving to a rural area, the nearest allergist is an hour away, and our insurance is for total crap next year. (Tier 2 prescriptions, like, oh, ASTHMA INHALERS are $40/each/month. AAAA.) This allergist, who's quite good (and I don't say that about doctors very often!) does think it's just OAS gone haywire, and it's certainly within the reported clinical parameters. ANYHOW.


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