Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Freecyclers Of Cold City,

You appear to need a refresher course. 

Appropriate things to ask for:
1 foot of PVC pipe (me)
Wood scraps to mount rubber stamps
Fabric remnants
Old curtain rods
Spare plants
... in other words, stuff people are getting rid of.

Completely inappropriate things to ask for:

Working chest freezer
Laptop running WinXP
Ipod Touch
Complete set of toys and clothes for your baby
... things with significant resale value.

Things that are inappropriate to ask for that nonetheless sometimes appear:
Old but working dishwasher (I gave one away once)
Bouncy seats
Baby swings
Kids' scooters
Large lengths of fabric or yarn
... which people just don't want to bother to sell.

Please also consult: Local charities, the clothing closet, C-List, and, oh, the APPLIANCE STORE for these things.  OR common sense.  That would work too.


  1. The free section of Craigslist is a dangerous place for me. The last time I checked it I came home with two clear shower doors (yay, covers for a cold frame!). It never occurs to me to ASK for things, and especially not "an iPod touch". I'll assume it's a preteen online without their parents knowledge.

    1. Pretty sure it was an adult. Some people = no class.

      I feel it's legit to ask for anything that is legitimate trash. I try to avoid the free section: Must GET RID of stuff!

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    The ipod touch & working laptop are weird requests (though I sometimes might have old versions of those to give away), but I would give away all this stuff rather than try to sell it, so asking for toys, clothes, chest freezers (or anything else big that you will take on the task of carrying away for me).

    I think you're underestimating what other people want to get rid of, if someone will come to where it is and take it away, that's worth a lot more than money to me.

    1. No, I'm saying it's rude to ASK for these. People do post them, which is great (I got rid of a whole dishwasher!) but TEN separate people ASKING for an ipod touch? Really? Totally unrealistic.


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