Saturday, August 13, 2011

So True

On a related note, my old advisor would like me, my toddler, my thwompy fetus, and my nail-through-cranium headache to edit my !@#$% paper.  Which I haven't seen in two years (Bug was a newborn, and I was dictating to Dr. S while nursing).

My father's summary of Dr. S's thesis defense neatly encapsulates my entire memory of my graduate work:  "Things Do Things To Other Things."


  1. Ahh....I remember that feeling well. Got a Ph.D., had a baby, decided the latter was the more important accomplishment and never did edit that paper. Of course, many years later I wish I had.... Still, there is NOTHING more important than spending time with the kids, so if I was back there again I probably would have made the same decision.

  2. Why can't he or the second author do it themselves? They *do* have your lab notebooks and figures.

  3. Yael: No they don't! We keep our own notebooks, on the grounds that they're incomprehensible (true).

    Ann: he'll harass me until I do it.... but still. Waaaaah.

  4. OMG i love that cartoon!!!!!

  5. I love this figure! So many truths in one little illustration.

  6. This figure is hilarious. How have I never seen it before?

    Regarding that paper edit, you know how sometimes your foot falls asleep and when you try to move it or stand on it it hurts like crazy until the circulation finally returns and you can walk and stuff? It'll be kind of like that with your paper.


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