Friday, July 29, 2011

Panic Meter Set Too Low

This week, I cut myself while cooking.  You must understand that our knives are heavy steel and extremely sharp.  So, I cut through my thumbnail and sliced a nice bit of thumb. 

And then I stopped the bleeding and superglued it back together, stabilized by gauze cannibalized from a bandaid. 

Afterwards, it occurred to me that perhaps this was not a normal response.


  1. perhaps you can add a belated "eek," just for the sake of form.

  2. I second that "eek"

  3. ... I tend to do this too. However, the key is having *very* sharp knives, so it's a nice, clean cut. Otherwise, the super glue doesn't work as well.

  4. Aaaiiiii! *Vomits.* On the other hand, if the blood CAN be stopped, it's clearly no cause for alarm.

  5. Well, last time I did it, it hurt a lot more (and was near a joint) and I did go see the urgent care people and they... superglued me back together. So this time I was all like, hell, I can do that. Did you know they sell medical-grade superglue at the dollar store?

    Now if only I could find some of that epi/lidocaine mixture. Though, according to my mother, it is Not To Be Used On Digits, which are the only place I ever cut myself.

    Miss MSE: They are perhaps a little too sharp.



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