Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Sunday, I was talking to my mother.  "We sent you a little something," she said.  "Let us know when you get it."

(Usually this means a toy truck or a pattern or a toddler cup.)

Today, I opened an envelope from my parents.  It had a check for $1000.  I nearly had a heart attack.

This evening, I called my parents and said, thank you very much, and also, have you been ABDUCTED BY ALIENS recently?

(My parents are nice, normal, financially stable, responsible human beings who gave us this with no expectations attached. "Your father's business has been doing really well," Mom said, "and we thought it would be fun to send it to you!"  Well, we think it's fun too.  Just unexpected.)


  1. Very cool! My mom did that once when I had an unexpectedly high tax bill (although it was much less than 1k). Sounds like you can really use the money these days.

  2. That's a great surprise! My mom did this once, when she had received some money after her mother sold the house -- she sent a nice check to each of her kids :)


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