Monday, June 27, 2011

Wait For It

Spouse to me:

"Do you want some more coffee?"  (After he has poured it all into his cup, with milk, to which I am deathly allergic.)

"Can you watch Bug for a few minutes while I put this away? [Door slam.]"  (While I am in the kitchen, covered to the wrists in gooey dinner-making.)

"Is it okay if he has raisin bran for dinner?" (After he has already offered it to Bug.)

"Do you want me to clean that up?"  (Something which he has not cleaned up, every night for three weeks.)

In related news, my patience has taken off for parts unknown, perhaps in search of sunny weather. 


  1. Oh Spouse. I recommend a campaign of retaliation. Like washing his clothes with fire ants, for a start.

  2. He does have many good points. This hasn't been one of them lately, though.


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