Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Signs Your Toddler Is Ready For The Potty, But You Are Not


  • Loathe mopping with a burning, burning passion
  • Am uncomfortable bending over repeatedly
  • Do not wish to pay for toddler underwear
  • Am a cranky, cranky pregnant lady

  • Repeatedly asks to go to the potty
  • Promptly does his toddler business
  • Usually has a dry diaper when he asks
  • Asks for a clean diaper when necessary
  • Insists on wearing the MATER THE TOW TRUCK!!! underwear
  • Thinks the entire thing is awesome
Oh, save me from the peed-upon floors.  (I know, I know.  My toddler is asking to be potty-trained, and I'm complaining???  Insert obligatory smack.)


  1. potty training while pregnant is way easier because you actually remember to take the kid to the toilet. Also the pee is the annoying part, its the poo.....

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Oh man. My son, who knows when he is about to go, and who will tell us (if asked) that he is pooping, refuses to use the potty. Or the toilet. (His usual response: "No! Poop in diaper!") So, yes, I am envious...

    ...but also, I was pregnant with his younger brother not all that long ago. And I do not envy you having to deal with a toddler while pregnant. It was easier for me because he was that much smaller (9-18 mos) and way more compliant than he is now. I feel for you there, for sure.

  3. Oh my AAAAH. Day 1 of official potty training: no accidents, but a LOT of screaming. On the other hand, I think he was going to be super-screamy today anyways (didn't sleep well).

  4. My middle son asked to be potty trained and he completed it in a week. He's very independent and diapers were slowing him down. My last son has been a pill; however, bribing has helped. Good luck!

  5. Today: pooped on everything. I'm at the weeping-and-lamenting stage.


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