Tuesday, June 07, 2011

And How Was Your Morning?


It was every bit as awesome as it looks. My house smells like a citronella bush exploded inside a geranium.

And I yelled at the poor little guy ("NO CUDDLE! Mama has to wash the floor! NOT a good plan! You made a REALLY BIG MESS!!") and now I feel really, really, really terrible about it.

Bug probably feels not as terrible: he's enjoying the sleep of the righteously exhausted toddler while I sob in my bed alone.


  1. oh dear. at least your hardwood floor will be spared the irritation of mosquito bites? or something.

    sorry about the feeling bad, but, well, it WASN'T a good plan, and it does suck that you had to clean the floor instead of cuddling. (and i bet a good post-nap cuddle will cure a world of ills.)

  2. High fives from someone who was kept up all night by her husband's snoring and tossing, while her one month old slept peacefully. But my heavens, that photo is like a little slice of hell. And I'm guessing that it illustrates the paradox of the toddler--not matter how justified you are in chastising one, you're always the person who ends up feeling bad. You deserve a cuddle, brave mother.

  3. Don't feel too bad about it. Bug knows you love him. And now he probably won't do it again(?).

    That picture is priceless. I would not have thought so if I had been in your shoes at the time. :)

  4. Well, he won't do it again soon. He told me "Bug made a big strong mess. Not a good plan. Spilled the bottle all over the floor. Mama was sad!" about fifteen times already.

    I thought, I have to take a picture of this, because otherwise I will LOSE it!!

  5. Don't feel bad at all. He made a big mess and it was unnecessary. He has to learn somehow.


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