Thursday, March 24, 2011

Overly Successful Stratagem

About four months ago, for completely obvious reasons (plus, he nursed for two hours every night) I decided that Bug needed to not nurse to sleep any more. So, as a first step, no more nap nursing: I started rocking him to sleep for his nap, then putting him in his crib.

About six weeks ago, I went out before bedtime for the first time in two years, and Dr. S rocked Bug to sleep. He was perfectly happy with this arrangement (Bug, that is) and let either of us rock him to sleep.

Then he became Toddlerous about the whole thing. "Go crib!" he would say. "No story! Lay down in a crib!" Okay, fine.

Tonight, I asked him, "Do you want Mama to read you a story?"
"No story," he said.
"Can Mama put you to bed?"
"Go in a crib. Dada hold you hand. BYE-BYE, Mama!"

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  1. Jenn, PhD7:09 AM

    LittleOne is headed that way too - bitter sweet much?


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