Monday, March 21, 2011

Inane Theories

My favorite two of the week

1) Morning sickness is to prevent you from getting food poisoning! Yes. And those redheads in Ireland were selected for, too. I mean, maybe, maybe not, but just because something exists doesn't mean there was a selective pressure to have it.

2) "There is NO established safe dose of [whatever] in [some situation]" (where evidence exists to the contrary... everyone knows you can't establish a negative! Hah.) No established safe dose of alcohol at any point ever in pregnancy. Or.... no safe dose of radiation. Tell that to all the scientists with rad badges.


  1. zomg, i am even gladder you are up the duff. can every week be inane theory week?

    my favorite MS variation is anything about how it exists to make sure you only eat exactly the right food. thank god i live in a time where raspberry syrup and salsa verde are available, or the bean might never have made it.

  2. Personally, I enjoy the advice of, "Well, we don't have any studies about it, so you should avoid it." Really? Could you please show me all of the controlled, double-blind studies for bananas, please? No? How about carrots?

    Congratulations, btw!


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