Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pressing Questions

  1. Is this thing on?
  2. Will my child ever stop boob-napping?
  3. Will we ever get the kitchen painted?
  4. Are all the EARWIGS dead?
  5. Do I love this rug enough to buy it?
  6. Will my child then ruin it?
  7. Do I care?
  8. Is now a good time to have another child?
  9. Or maybe... next summer?
  10. Why am I pretending that a) this event is under my control or b) that next year will result in less chaos?
  11. Will having another kid remove, prematurely, too much of my maternal attentions from this one?
  12. Why does he wake up from naps so WRATHFUL???
  13. Will my spousal unit ever get an academic job?
  14. Why on earth does he want one?*
*I know the answer to this one, at least.


  1. Most of these questions are beyond me, but I can weigh in on #11. I have a sibling who is less than two years younger than me, and I was and am perfectly content with that arrangement. My brother may have some grievances about having been compared to me when we were kids, but he was evidently not too unhappy with the close interval, because he spaced his own children less than two years apart. Having another child now may be a little hard on you and Dr. S. when they're smal, but it won't mess up the kids.

  2. Darcy - that is good to know! My next sister is 3.5 years younger and she still got compared, so perhaps that part is a constant.

    I know a lot of people with kids Bug's age, who are expecting another, and I am a bit mystified, but we'll figure it out eventually, no doubt.


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