Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Not Dead Yet

We do, in fact, take a lot of walks.

I have all kinds of fun things to tell you about: temptations to canicide, the previous owners' notion of home improvement, SPIDERS, Morgan The Scottie Dog, and all our sweet, retired, aggressively friendly neighbors (tally of things brought over so far, in 10 days: rhubarb coffee cake, banana bread, lettuce, spinach, peonies, wading pool).

However, I am busy removing !@#$%! WALLPAPER PASTE !@#$%! and spackling over approximately 2,569 pushpin holes. Who uses pushpins on drywall???

Oh, and I fried our wireless, so now we have to stay on hold until That One Guy In Jersey (you know, the one phone company employee who knows what he's doing) can take charge of our router and reset it. Again.

But, dear friends, once it is possible to remove the computer from the basement floor, I shall type! Also I have more to say about leaving academia, of course. (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!)

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  1. Well, it appears I'm running in the wrong direction, then. Though I AM running away from a situation that could need improvement.

    Good luck with everything in and around the new house! Sounds like quite a challenge.

    (Did you know that I can only get to the comments from the main page, but not from the individual posts? Not that this is going to be on top of your to-do list, but just FYI...)


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