Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled

Phone company screwed up. We have no phone or internet at home. The library closes in 15 minutes. It has rained all week.

I may lose my mind.


  1. In April, I attempted to change my telephone and Internet provider. New provider misconnected my line, switching it with someone else's, so for a week I had an entirely different phone number-- and no one told me! I got the impression that this state of affairs could have continued for months had I not put in some detective work to figure out what my new number was and then called the phone company and told them exactly what they did wrong . . .

  2. My cable provider showed up drunk to our house when it was time for connecting up. We ended up doing it ourselves as he looked on.

  3. Is it time to get cell phones, maybe ones w/internet access? (Not that I'm there myself: my ancient cell phone, acquired when we left New Haven 5 yrs ago, I just use as a cell phone; the spouse has one on which he uses the web/e-mail access...)


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