Sunday, February 07, 2010

Assorted, Plus, Thanks A Lot, Work

1) Apparently this year's Sausage State RSV strain was unusually virulent. I don't feel like quite such a bad mother now.

2) Dear adored spousal unit: No, turning off the light-on-a-timer just in case the kid will sleep in on the weekends... won't work. Unless you call 4 AM working.

3) Work gave me a $5000 raise. Whoops. Guess they're not just putting up with me.

4) Grabby baby hands + 30 minutes of crabbulation while nursing = unhappy mama

5) Nobody sells used baby carriers at reasonable prices. People. If you paid $100, I am not paying you $90.


  1. Are you looking for an Ergo by chance?

    I just got one at YellBaby (they are only 79$ BRAND NEW!) They come out to under 100$ with S/H. I got the pink one and i love it.
    FWIW it took almost 3 weeks to get mine but it did eventually come! :)


  2. Congrats on the raise! And um, good luck with the rest of it.

  3. Re: grabby handed nursers -- I had one (she's calmed it a lot) and it helped to get a "nursing necklace" for her to fiddle with (rather than fiddling with my face or my chest or whatever). My midwife suggested it. I thought she was crazy, but it worked.

    Congrats on the sweet raise!


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