Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Working, And Still Really Pregnant

The prime commandment is: Thou Shalt Not Blog From Work. This has, alas, prevented me from communicating with you fine people, because I am either at work, or tired.

Work is fine. I have not-too-boring things to do while I am waiting around to have a baby, which are also things nobody else wants to do, so everyone's happy. These things can be put down with a moment's notice. This is because I work with smart people.

My mother always says, when you can't bear to be pregnant for one more minute... you have a week or two left.

Monday, Dr. S and his lab went out for farewell-to-departing-postdoc drinks. I went along, chatted, and played with someone's dog; then we went out to dinner. I was cheerful and sociable.

Tuesday morning I woke up and thought, "I don't like this any more." I had a backache, a footache, and a rib ache (where the baby keeps whomping me with its pointy, pointy little knees). There was crankiness. There were frequent trips to the ladies' room. There was a feeling like Pumpkin was snuggling up on my bladder and then bouncing.

Thursday I went to the midwife, who did a (fun and exciting) internal exam because she could not find the baby's head. This was because the baby's head was all the way the heck down into my pelvis. I appear to be 90% effaced, among other things. Which explains that feeling.

My mother will be here this Thursday. I kind of hope Pumpkin doesn't show up before then. And then part of me kind of hopes Pumpkin will show up TOMORRROW.