Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election, Plus: Six Random Things

Election!!! My home state has finally voted Democratic for the first time since your grandma was a kid. I credit Arlington's huge population growth; hate the condos, love the voters.

(Also, the county I now live in went 75% for Obama. Go hippie liberals!)

Now aren't we all glad that's over?


Acmegirl has tagged me! Well...

1. I cannot stand cooked cabbage except in two forms: beef-stuffed cabbage rolls, and this one soup that the spouse makes.

2. Although I was a vegetarian for many, many years, I don't like most vegetables very much.

3. My sisters and I have Gilbert's Syndrome. We were all very yellow babies. (Mine will probably be yellow too.)

4. I used to have a passionate love of scientific research. Now, it's more like how one feels about one's unfaithful former lover.

5. Of all the people I've ever dated, I only told my friends about three of them. (N>>3.)

6. I have an unnatural love of sour flavors. If something tastes sour to me, everyone else will usually find it completely inedible. Except my dad. Nature or nurture?