Thursday, November 06, 2008

In Which I Am Enraged

This morning I was reminded that my middle sister still votes in the US. Not only that, but she votes based purely on what is best for the country she lives in.

What's wrong with that? you ask. Well.... she lives in Israel.

I truly and firmly believe that it is wrong for her- and her husband! and one day, her children! who will have never lived in the US!!!- to keep voting in US elections. They intend to never return. Let me say that again: THEY ARE NEVER COMING BACK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They vote based only on what is good for another country, not on what is good for America, or their families, or American citizens. It's wrong. They do not pay taxes in the US; they do not live in the US, and they have not for a long time; they are tourists every few years. They have no connection except for their passports.

If they were abroad for a short time, if they cared about America, if they had consciences about it, it wouldn't bother me so much. I voted when I was abroad, but I was coming back. What about those people who choose to leave forever? And who, to boot, don't care about their country of origin except as a means to an end?

It may be legal, but it's immoral.

I suppose I should be comforted by the thought that such people are few.

Addendum: I don't think caring about the country or paying taxes or living in the US are or should be, in themselves, qualifications for voting. I don't think the US should disenfranchise expats. I do think that my sister, having forever disavowed all connection with the US, shouldn't bloody well vote. Especially since she always goes for the nutters. Alas, she and Dr. S's rabidly racist/conservative 94-year-old-grandma will continue to vote as long as physically able. But I don't have to like it. (I can't wait to hear what Grandma has to say about this election. I love her, but good Lord is she a product of her times.)