Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Updates

  • Packing: still boring. Belle has been giving us her charming company and help, though. It eases the pain. Also: still not done.
  • Experiment: still not done. I don't want to talk about it.
  • Dr. S: is from another planet, bless his heart. I want to hire some strapping young college students to move our stuff from truck to apartment. He wants to do it himself. ?????
  • Dr. S's boss: is insane. No, he does NOT have time to do 'one more experiment.' That takes three full days. Because he is leaving on Sunday.
  • Dr. S's boss: is also paying him in September. Half-time ('There is no way I will work for that man full time in September!' 'Yes, dear.'
  • My boss: is also paying me in September. Full time.
  • Nausea: in full force. Now on the Bad List: garlic, cold room, vinegar, canned corn, and lab sinks.
  • Baby: lima-bean sized on today's Baby's First Picture ultrasound. With a little flickering heart. ('Here, see?' 'Are you sure that's not just noise?' 'Yes.').
  • Mother-in-law: ecstatic that now she can tell everyone.

(Normally, we might wait longer, but... 1. we're leaving; 2. my tummy is so fat and poochy that I've already been asked twice; and 3. half my lab already knows.)