Thursday, June 12, 2008


Reason 1: Our electrical outlets are dead. All of them except the one the fridge is on. No electricity, I can live with, but no FANS? Hot. Hot and cranky as all hell.
Update: It was a blown power strip. All better now. Yay.
Just kidding! Still no power! Electricians not until Monday.

Reason 2: I have begun pounding away at the Thesulation. Actually, I pounded last December and then left it incubate for six months. But suddenly, I feel intensely motivated by that whole 'homeless’ thing. (Also I promised myself treats for working on it every day: Netflix! Books!) At this rate I’ll be done next week. So here we are.

The introduction was mostly done by yesterday, because.... seriously, who are we kidding? Who’s going to read this anyways? Fortunately the boss doesn't care, so it’s short and to the point. Here, let me render it for you:
There are bricks. People make them from baked clay. Bricks are good for lots of things and are made in lots of different ways and are found in buildings all over the world. However, they crumble with time. Some people think it’s alien rays, but others favor rainfall. I wanted to look at whether high-voltage electrical lines make bricks crumble. They don’t. Rain does. We don’t know why. The end.
Just wait ‘til I tell you about the data chapters! All two of them. Oh, the excitement.