Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Five Minute Blogging: Summer This and That

 In the last month, I have:

  • Had two job interviews for two different jobs, one of which I have been scheming to get for three years
  • Sent my kids to nerd-card-game camp
  • Taken everyone to the swimming pool at least a thousand times
  • Been bitten by a tick
  • Taken four ticks off the children
  • Done a mighty house cleaning
  • Had a friend visit for the first time in two years
  • With said friend, confused many hikers who clearly wondered if we were married, and also gave some first aid to two young AT through-hikers
  • Went to an outdoor concert
  • Done a bunch of extremely tedious coding for last year's grant project that got interrupted by a serving of Global Pandemic
  • Moved my office
  • Weeded the garden at least a hundred times
  • Planned a trip to the beach
  • Packed up the entire family twice

 And with that...  I have another (final) job interview tomorrow, we're leaving for the beach Saturday, and summer is both fun and interminable at this point.


  1. Good luck with the jobs!

    1. Thank you! I would settle for just ONE.

  2. Whereas I have achieved zero gardening and approximately minus eleventy billion house-cleaning. This is achieved by making as much, or more, mess as everyone else, and doing nothing about it. Good luck with summer, trips, jobs etc. We've still got several more weeks of school to survive first.

    1. I should mention that my entire family was away at the time of said cleaning, giving me a chance to purge the children's rooms and make several trips to Goodwill. Also I was subsisting on watermelon and cookies like a toddler, which cut down on the cooking.

      Our schools start up again August 17 which is both too soon AND too far away.

  3. Here's to a better job!! Fingers crossed!


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