Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Recent Reads, Very Short Reviews Thereof

 (Not counting all the only-OK fluff I have been reading on K1ndle unlimited...)

Citadel of Weeping Pearls (de Bodard): Strange and engrossing story about near-magical science.  In space. 

A whole lot of books by Melissa McShane (Tremontane series): Enjoyable fluff, but definitely fluff. Magic and kingdoms and thieves.  (Free trial of Scr1bd for this one.)

A Deadly Education (Novik): Like the best HP fanfic you have ever read, but better.  A child goes to a strange, violent magical school that doesn't once pretend it's doing the right thing.  I hope there are more.

Queen's Gambit/Triumph/Advantage (Mihalik): I enjoyed these but then immediately forgot what they were about.

Duke Who Didn't (Milan): A fun and diverse romance in which the author clearly said "Fuck 2020, I'm writing what I want."  Delightful.

Accidentally Engaged (Heron): An amusing romance, though they could... talk.  Nonetheless, I laughed out loud.

A whole bunch of fairytale-rewrites from Melanie Cellier: Soothing, but not memorable. 

Grimoires and Where to Find Them (Raconteur): 6th book in the series; as enjoyable as the rest.  FBI agent is magically transported to another world, where she becomes a magic-less detective.

What have you been reading?  

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