Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Six weeks of Virtual Education

 ... and our school district still hasn't even established criteria under which the public schools can open, much less what criteria would call for a closure.

My oldest kid is failing math because his teacher is a bad teacher who thinks quantity and quality are synonymous.  

My middle kid says 'I hate Zoom' at least once a day.

(The youngest child is enjoying her in-person private school; of the four private schools in the area, there have been no covid cases at any of them so far.)

There are four colleges in the area; we are never going to get to low transmission, but the colleges are actually doing a surprisingly good job confining their plague outbreaks to the students.  (So far over 95% of cases are just in the students.  Students have been back for 9 weeks.)  

The superintendent keeps yelping about how haaaard it is to balance online access and in-person teaching.  I KNOW!! I have been doing it for eight weeks straight!  But my supervisor (i.e. the Dean) told everyone to work it out over the summer, since we basically had since May to plan for it.  I am immensely frustrated that "oh noes, suddenly this seems too haaaaard" is seen as a legit justification to close the public schools.

Meanwhile huge numbers of children in the more rural areas are being left home alone all day because their parents have to work and the only childcare option is $700 per month per child.  (A full time minimum wage job will get you about $1200 a month, total.) 

I am so frustrated and annoyed.  

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