Thursday, November 14, 2019

Five Minute Blogging: Life Updates

Things that are going reasonably well: teaching (I guess), keeping the children fed and clothed, skincare.

Things that are going just okay: second job, spending any time with my spouse, my neglected garden.

Things that are going exceedingly badly: finding a permanent job; Sunday school, which the other teacher is taking over as a result; the migraines; exercise (which... gives me migraines); mental health (AAAAAAAAAH); every single other thing.

Three more weeks. Only three.

1 comment:

  1. Permanent jobs are overrated... Considering that exercise is critical to your mental health, it is patently unfair that it is giving you migraines!

    I feel like there is a story behind "skincare" being on your list of positives. Does the high humidity of the South agree with you, or are you trying something new? Meanwhile, I'm running the humidifier to counteract the effects of the furnace. The dryness is hitting Connor particularly hard, right in the kisser.

    I'm dealing with early-onset winter by buying More houseplants. I brought home a variegated Hoya today. The Swiss cheese vine and fiddle leaf fig are calling me from the nursery too.


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