Sunday, September 01, 2019

Ten Minute Blogging

  • Oh My, y'all. It has been a WEEK. 15 hours of meetings/ orientation, many of which featured a co-worker I have now dubbed The Mansplainer! An epic tech/ operational meltdown at my second job! My mom accidentally pissing off the preschool! I'm feeling panicked just remembering it.
  • Good things: I weeded the preschool garden. I taught three darn good classes and solved a bunch of problems for wayward first-years. I communicated with friends. I cooked and picked fruit with my children. I helped a local new parent solve a big problem and it worked. 
  • My full time job/ rest of classes start this week. What on earth was I thinking??!!!! (That it's only going to be Too Much for one semester.)
  • We need a new roof.
  • Our FSAs are all messed up.
  • OMG.


  1. That does sound like A WEEK! I hope next week is less crazy, despite the working more. There should be fewer interactions with the Mansplainer and more with clueless undergrads!

    1. I have fine hopes that my two classes of *only* juniors and seniors will have fewer panicky first-day meltdowns in my general direction!

    2. P.S. Job 2 printed off schedules for all the first years on drop off day AND THEN CHANGED THEM in the intervening week, you can imagine what THAT was like.


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