Monday, August 12, 2019

Work Frustration

This summer, my work partner and I redesigned, set up, tested, and then piloted a series of new (teaching) labs. They are not perfect, but they are better than they were.  (These are for, essentially, lab for humanities majors. No, we can't cancel the lab part.) Things change colors! Students get to pick a few variables! They're actually interesting to teach! And so on. I've been teaching this class for years and I am an actual goddamn expert on biochemistry.

The teaching staff is divided about evenly between 'this is great' and 'this is terrible because change is bad and also it might not work perfectly the first time.' I have already spent entire days editing, doing demos, setting things up, going through protocols, and managing people's feelings. (To their credit, my boss's position is These Are The Labs Now, Deal.)

I am tired of this. Labs can't stay the same forever! It is bad pedagogy! We got a grant which obligates us to do this! The whole department is on board! The Dean approved it! I am running out of things to say to people. The competent scientists are all fine with the new labs. The people lacking a basic foundation in science are panicking because they don't understand any of the science. I'm going to go on cheerfully and thank everyone for helping us revise the labs and for being such GREAT sports and generally treat them as if they were super keen but really? I have to treat my colleagues like toddlers?

(If anyone has useful anti-whiner strategy, let me know....)

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