Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lab Flashbacks

As part of my summer work, I'm drawing up new lab protocols. I've outfitted the corner of the lab of my partner-in-science-crime, and I geek you what, working alone in the basement is giving me some extremely unpleasant memories. (I hate wet lab research. If you don't, good for you! I also hate tomato soup, you can have my serving of both.)


  1. If I want to make my kitchen look like my old lab bench, does that mean I enjoyed wet lab? I think it does. Or maybe I just like maple cabinets with black countertops and beakers.

    Tomato soup must come from a can and be diluted with milk to be tolerable. To be amazing, it must be served with grilled cheese. Therefore, of course you hate tomato soup.

    1. No, no, that just means you like LABS, not labwork, which like all right thinking people I'm pretty sure you hate. I like BEING in labs, but I don't like hours alone mixing clear liquids together.

      That also explains a lot about tomato soup. The texture aversion to Squishy Things makes plain tomato soup very unappealing to me without a crunchy sandwich!


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