Saturday, January 20, 2018

Making Mistakes For You

In case, my friends, you have ever wondered 'Is five afternoons a week too many afternoons to teach lab?', I am here to tell you: I have the answer!  YES.  It leads to Immediate Wine After Friday Lab.

Only thirteen more Fridays to go.  On the bright side, maybe Friday Wine should be a thing!  I could invite people over!


  1. I'm definitely sitting over here thinking "but Friday wine is a GOOD thing." I used to do Friday beers with a colleague, but then he moved away and it sucks to drink alone. Besides, we used to actually have good discussions about pedagogy, which I found very valuable, so I never felt bad drinking while technically on the clock!

  2. Friday Wine Day was kind of a thing at one of my previous jobs, and also for my husband's. Seemed to go over well!

  3. Friday Wine sounds like a Good Thing to me :)

    1. Have now invited over 18 people with their children. Hopefully it will be good because *I* am having wine regardless!


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