Monday, May 16, 2016


I made Dr. S a proper doctoral hood. (It looks properly ridiculous but that's a feature, not a bug.)

.... I really need more of a job. Housewifing: so boring and repetitive and unrewarding (for me, at this point; anyone else is welcome to feel differently!).


  1. Yes, you should probably work more. Easier said than hired, obviously.

    I'm enjoying the kids being in school all the time and find I still have plenty to do. I split a load of mulch with a neighbor, so today I'll be weeding and wheelbarrowing mulch onto my beds.

    1. I would be cool with time to do stuff I actually enjoy and value but all kids in school will be - as you know!- four more YEARS. I am not so cool with that...

      Mulch all the things!


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